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Every project is unique just like every company has their own mission and concept. Some may look upon the superficial surfaces when analyzing a worldwide pharmaceutical company, such as what are their key products are or annual net revenue. I find that true success always starts from within a company, that’s why internal communications is so very important.


For the past decade our creative team has been launching yearly summits for a wide array of pharmaceutical companies internationally, but this year we had a very special task on hand… bringing together over 12 different countries leaders to one exotic destination with as always a limited time constraint.


The creative process of brainstorming with great minds has always fascinated me. You have a key message or slogan in mind and come out with something entirely new. This step is by far the most necessary in creating a campaign that will run within the company for an entire year. Once you have a defined strategic message you can create the fun iconic colorful visuals and concepts.


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Monique R Byrd, Creative Director of PharMaHealth Group in Weston, FL