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Are integrated communications as important for a healthcare brand as they are for a consumer brand product?


WHAT YOU MUST KNOW IN 2019 ABOUT INTEGRATED COMMUNICATIONS IN HEALTHCARE   Integrated communications in healthcare have never been so important. With the proliferation of healthcare services, the emerging role of tech in health (especially patient-driven innovations like health apps, wearables, etc), and the empowerment of patients through online networks, health industry brands must be […]

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Social Media Content: Health Awareness Calendar 2019


Do you manage the social media channels for your business or the company you work for? If so, you know how difficult it can be to find fresh new social content to post every single day. For a business owner or marketer, holidays or observance days are a gift that not only increases your social […]

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The Steady Growth Power of U.S. Hispanics


      By: Giannina Santiago   The United States population is rapidly changing, with one of most notorious transformations being the growth of Hispanic / Latino community. Hispanics represent a significant and profitable market across many industries, including key areas such as healthcare. They are no longer just a sub-segment of the economy, but […]

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The Influencer Marketing: Are you ready?


By: Giannina Santiago   Influencer marketing is an old concept with a new name; for many years, it was the core of marketing campaigns. The use of an influencer or celebrity has proven to be an impactful way to educate consumers about products and services, deflate brand’s negative reviews and increase sales. When using an influencer to present […]

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Pharmaceutical Sales, An Effort from the Past?


What the Argentinian famous singer, Carlos Gardel, claimed that “life is a breath and 20 years is nothing”, it is not the reality for the pharmaceutical industry.  In the last two decades, we all have seen a significant change, especially the sales force.  From just selling, they have moved to a customer focus marketing and […]

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